Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The weather has been cooler than normal and lots of rain (can't complain) so the lettuce greens are doing very well, and everything else that likes water :)

The peas are pretty much done, and now it's onto the other veggies...

Yes, the purple haze imperator carrots are almost ready for harvest - these are about 3/4-1 inch diameter and about 6-7 inches long. The majority should be ready in about a week. and they really are purple with orange inside - don't boil them or the purple will just fade.

I think these are grape tomatoes, ripening way earlier than the big heritage.

This cuke (beit alpha burpless) is like 6 inches, gianormous compared to the others (which were about 1 inch in size)... hey, the bees have been busy visiting the yellow flowers!

The corn is flowering...

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