Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More what?

I didn't want to be disappointed if the Kohlrabi seeds never sprout, so, yes, I planted a 4-pack of Kohlrabi gourmet red and gourmet white in the bed... Looked like a 'real' Kohlrabi bed now that there are veggies growing in the bed :)

Also added to the hot peppers with some "Hungarian wax" type (huh? so we have to find out, hence they got planted too). And being endlessly curious on how some veggies will grow, planted some brussel sprouts and cabbage next to a snap pea bed (I like brussel sprouts).

Seeded some Red Cored Danvers (you got it - red carrots) next to the purple haze imperators (impressive name) which I hope will show up as the purple haze likely will not germinate!

We'll need to deligently remind ToniB to set up the genuine rain barrel ASAP as drier weather is in the forecast. Let's hope he's there wednesday so Elzy and I can get him to do all the heavy lugging (one can hope).

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