Tuesday, June 23, 2009


After a couple of nice, hot days, the veggies are doing great! Here's the fingerling potato bed - these plants are about a foot high...

And these radishes are almost ready to harvest - yes, by this weekend - see those red tubers (ok, root balls?) under the leaves?

These are Elzy's transplanted spinach - they are stalky? not like the ones grown from seed...

Yes, these ones which have bigger crinkly leaves which are ready for picking - according to the packages, both are bloomsdale variety? Nah, can't be!

Here is a tomato bed - they are flowering so guess in about a month to 6 weeks there will be some scrumptious heritage varieties to pick!


  1. Hey, sure those radishes are not ready now? Saw some at the Farmer's Market today. That radish looks ready to be picked!

    Yes, not sure about the spinaches. So, do you just cut off the tops for salads? We can have a fresh salad this weekend for lunch!

    The tomato bed looks good. Those plants better have lots of tomatoes. How about the corn rows. Maybe corn in late July?

  2. Well, that radish is one of the biggest in the batch - the others are definitely smaller so I thought give it a few more days. After all, you can't dine on just one radish?

    Yes, you can take a knife to the spinach (grab whole bunch of leaves and slice horizontally across the stalks) - with Elzy's transplanted ones you likely have to pluck each leaf off the stalk!