Tuesday, May 12, 2009

patch preparation

Wait! it was suppose to be a small one like those you find in the typical backyard... then dimensions of 30 ft x 25 ft was suggested. But a quick tally of those seed packages came up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 ft x 40 ft.

So I staked out an area of 25 ft x 60 ft (give or take a couple), collected those seed packages, and started to laboriously mark out the beds, spending 3 days figuring out what went where and when to sow/plant. Good thing I have Illustrator (as you'll see by the diagram) to lay it out and used Excel for number crunching.

Sunday May 10/09: It was off to the patch to actually set out the beds for real - yes, by the time we were done, the patch was 36ft x 68ft... It was those tomatoes that had been started indoors, about 100 of them of quite a few varietals!

We ran out of wire clothes hanger stakes (used with hemp string to outline the beds) so that was it for the day as by that time (about 2 hours later) we were feeling nippish. Hot chocolate, latte machiata and coffee with yummy pastries at the bakery cafe down the street went down very well; picked up a cream caramel cake for desert for Mother's day dinner too. Called it a day.

Here's the diagram of the patch as of May 12 (subject to changes of course).

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