Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here we go again - just can't stop 'seeding' (I have an image of Johnny Appleseed aka me walking up and down the paths sowing the beds...nothing like that of course) - decided to get the beans, cucumbers started so spent about 1.5 hrs this morning sewing (oops, sowing) them. And the corn too on the north side for windbreak. It had better rain overnight into thursday.

Then went back to the patch again about 2 pm (after the 'doggies' emergency - they got out of the backyard because gramps left the side gate open...) to transplant the Spinach and "frisee" lettuce into the beds. Elzy had decided that we should experiment - if they make it past this sunday's potential frost for surburbia... It went pretty fast and we were done in about 30 minutes!

Then we watered them - am counting on that rain happening! My voicebox got quite a workout yelling at those truck drivers to slow down - it was quite windy and so dust was blowing from that long dirt fact, there was a fine dusting of dirt on our vehicles. Went home and showered (after mowing the "chicabbit" yard...with help from Elzy in starting the mower - the height thing, plus and my bum shoulder).

So that's it on planting until friday. In the meantime, I have started on the tags - will do a "show and tell" when they are done :)

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