Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So being eager to get going (fabulous weather for most of the week, with rain forecast for thurs - excellent!), I returned to the patch monday morning (yes, next day May 11) and finished outlining the 2 beds left, then seeded the sunflowers - Ring of Fire and Velvet Queen (a dark red) for windbreak on the west side.

Then, back to the computer to revise the plan (which had expanded to a 36x68 ft area on account of those tomatoes and oh yes, hot peppers). Basically worked on it ALL day (and into wee hours of night) trying to take into consideration things like multiple seeding, height, etc.

Tuesday morning, woke up cranky from lack of sleep - back to the patch for about 2.5 hours in afternoon in a rush to get those seeds that can go into the beds when the soil is workable (aha, no need to worry about frost) - our party of 3 got together and raked the beds, divided them up, and then got going. Yep, got all those plants seeded (there were like 49 plant types for the whole patch; we likely got 2/3 in).

we have lettuce galore (no, not a varietal but many varietals!)... someone likes their greens.

Hmm...we decided we would seed in their final spots instead of following the package info (less work we think as will not be doing mega thinning - we hope).

Alright, I don't think we want to risk starting the rest of the seeds (that are not frost resistant) until the last week of May (note to self to check long range forecast for next 10 days). Our precious tomato and pepper seedlings will wait until June - or not - that's up for debate among the group.

Rain, rain - tonight we hope - but thursday for sure (fingers crossed)... now if it can be arranged for it to rain every 3rd night - a gentle, long period.

Ok, next on the list - tags for the beds - but that's another day. That's it for today.

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