Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Planting tomatoes...finally

It's going to be HOT over the next 2 days - today, high 28, tomorrow 30 - wow! It was time to get those tomatoes in the ground - Elzy, Oma and I got together at the patch with our plants - Mr. Z was kind enough to chauffeur Elzy's starts to there...

We planted 2.5 beds with tomatoes in about 2 hours - oh, that included those 7 hot peppers from Rooibos. Not to worry, we have another free bed for more peppers since the tomatoes did not take up that much space (got more plants than expected in each bed - in fact, Mrs. R farmer mom came over to see what we were doing and thought 12" spacing too close for them tomatoes - oh well. Also curious as to what the other beds were for - Elzy kind of side-stepped that, in case the seeds don't happen? :) )

Our plantings were not as neat or uniform as Mr. R farmer's but then he has one of those planting machines where 4 guys sat behind the tractor and dropped the plantlings into funnels that plopped each plant into the trench...they were doing gazillion tomatoes (Roma type) -

Will take pictures later today of our plantings.


  1. Hmm, 12" too close for tomatoes? Hope not.

    Will be cutting up those potatoes so they can be planted too. I should have space for them now that the tomatoes are done, and I can place them out of reach of the dogs!

    Sounds like you all did a lot of work. Hope the back is holding up. May be sore tomorrow! Maybe a Jacuzzi bath will do wonders, hmm?

  2. It would be great to get the potatoes in friday morning... will pick up the cuttings thursday afternoon.

    I think it will be the thighs that are sore - up and down!