Thursday, May 14, 2009

tag, tag

Have made about 20 tags so far from those handy wire hangers - have to raid the basement for more hangers. Am conducting a little experiment on the type of tape and marker to use for the labels part - stuck a prototype on a bed yesterday - let's see how it fares with the sun & rain! materials are: duct tape, clear packing tape to seal in paper and Sharpie vs Bic markers.

Will leave the test tag in the bed for another day or two for weathering :)

Ok, these tags are about 6x2 inches 'cos we don't want to have to go up that close to see what veggies are where! mind you, the tags are about 14 inches length (including stake part) so will be close to the ground (about 8-10 in) - hmm...guess we'll be tilting the label part.

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